The Leading Standard in Smart Matchmaking

Jublia specialises in matching people and content to create successful business matching and effective content discovery, at your events. We do this through a data-driven approach built on the foundation of an intelligent recommendations platform.

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Driven by RevRank, a recommendations engine purpose-built to recommend the right people and content at your event.

Jublia Standards

Since we pioneered the first end-to-end business matching technology, we have partnered leading conferences, corporate summits, government meetings as well as innovated alongside 13 of the Top 20 Exhibition Organisers.

Undisputed Experience

We have honed and refined our technology and processes across 1800+ unique events, facilitated over 500,000+ agenda views and 2,500,000+ meeting requests to 350,000+ successful meetings. Leverage on our experience to create amazing experiences.

Full Service Assurance

All our engagement with you are fully serviced by our Jublia team on a 1-1 basis, ensuring your requirements are well planned and executed by us. We highly value personal support and consultations with our clients, resulting in deep winning partnerships.

Data-driven Wins

Mastery of data-driven insights is in Jublia’s DNA. We will always execute wins for you using actual data insights, backing intuition and experience with data to avoid fallacious outcomes. We will never over promise with pseudoscience or overhyped technology terms.

Privacy and Security

Our reputation comes from fiercely guarding data privacy together with world-leading organisers. We are well attuned to recent standards in GDPR, China's Cybersecurity Law and PDPA. Our enterprise grade software are kept aligned with the latest cybersecurity practices.

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