Completely bridge the 
 online-to-offline gap 
 at your events 


Jublia Suite

A collection of carefully crafted intelligent, integrated and specialized technologies for B2B events. Each of which are built to bridge the gap between online intent to offline dealings, resulting in measurable ROI for your event. Jublia Suite weaves together 12 specialisations, tightly integrating them across our 4 state-of-the-art platforms.

Across 4 Platforms

Jublia Buzz

A native app, focused on multiplying the interactions around your event content and community. Available on Android and iOS.

Jublia Match

An industry leading matchmaking webapp that is well proven in over 600 events globally. Available on all devices with no downloads required.

Jublia Sense

A robust platform that enables you to manage, analyze, track and monetize your events. Your event, your rules.

Jublia Guide

With you, we design the implementation, run the engagement strategy and nurture event improvements. Let's grow your events.

Integrating 12 Specialisations

Business Matching


The number one 1-1 meetings scheduler that has since facilitated 1,000,000+ meeting requests


A powerful recommendation engine matches each customer's unique interests to relevant others


An assistant engages every event attendee through a personalised approach to enable successful outcomes

Content & Community


Boost your community by pushing personalised content to them


The ultimate exhibitor directory to further boost quality online-to-offline sourcing


Simulate community to spark off discussions around your content



Discover, analyze and retain key event insights with in-depth yet easily digestable data analytics


Measure the nuances of your customers' experience. Generate ROI reports for your customers


Quantify and qualify your customers' experience by understanding metrics like CSAT and NPS

Manage & Track


Understand how each of your customers have been navigating their online experience and support their needs

Data Management

Easily add, update, remove and manage your customer data over a secured platform


Help your customers improve leads generation or track session attendence, with a simple scanner

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Purpose-built for different events


successful events worldwide on Jublia platform since 2013


industries we are proficient in: from energy, food, pharma, medical, infrastructure, investment, finance, technology and more

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