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"(Business Matching) certainly is the way to go forward. I hope in the future, all tradeshows will help facilitate meetings."

- Exhibitor, Medical Fair Asia

All-in-one business matching ecosystem

The first event networking platform that integrates solutions to form the most complete answer that transform face-to-face meetings and elevates resultant ROIs.

An intuitive networking application facilitated by a concierge service for each customer.

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Measure the success of arranged meetings. Generate ROI reports for your customers.

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Discover and manage your event networking potential with in-depth event data analytics.

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The ultimate exhibitor directory to further boost quality online-to-offline sourcing.

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Purpose-built for different events

With insights from over 200 successful events worldwide, trust us to delight your customers with the best networking performance at your event.

World Islamic Economic Forum

We arranged structured onsite meetings with two different types of meeting locations depending on whether you were an attendee or an exhibitor. Meeting tables were fully booked.

Location: Kuala Lumpur
  • 3000+ delegates - ~50% adoption
  • 3500+ meeting requests sent
  • 350+ meetings made

World Vaccine Congress Europe

We arranged structured onsite meetings for different tiers of delegates. Meetings took place at a designated meeting area.

Location: Barcelona
  • 300+ delegates - ~70% adoption
  • 3000+ meeting requests sent
  • 300+ meetings made

Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition

We arranged onsite meetings at designated tables between visitors and exhibitors.

Location: Chicago
  • 6000+ exhibitors + visitors ~ 50% adoption
  • 32000+ unique requests sent
  • 550+ onsite meetings made

Downtown Design Dubai

We arranged onsite meetings between exhibitors and hosted buyers. Using a platform first approach, the organisers had more control over their onsite meetings.

Location: Dubai
  • 300+ VIP delegates ~70% adoption
  • 3000+ unique requests sent
  • 300+ onsite meetings made

Reed Exhibitions Sales & Marketing Academy (Asia-Pacific)

We arranged speed roundtable meetings for the sales & marketing professionals of RX. 10 professionals were assigned to a roundtable each time.

The Unilever Foundry

We assisted the launch event by helping them achieve a high ROI of relevant connections from invited companies. Meetings were arranged in the semi-structured format.

Leading brands trust Jublia

Our reputation comes from guarding data privacy fiercely together with world-leading organisers.

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