Personalised Recommendations Engine


Today’s B2B event matchmaking systems deliver recommendations, if at all, via simple keywords matches. The problem is, your audiences have inherently complex requirements on who they would like to meet, and the content that they would like to see.

Jublia is continuously developing RevRank that goes beyond just keywords matching, combining the semantics behind user actions, with keywords driven by macro event matchmaking trends. RevRank represents a powerful new paradigm, enabling truly fruitful matches in 1-1 meetings and content discovery at events.

People to People

The quality of event audiences’ conversations and relationships all hinge on how well relevant face to face connections can be facilitated. Jublia RevRank works alongside organisers to progressively understand and matchmake rapport through fruitful recommendations. Let us work together to open the window into mutual, trustworthy and meaningful mutual engagement between your audiences.

Content to People

You can have the best event content but if no one knows about it, then you have wasted your time producing it. Jublia RevRank drives focused content discovery by better connecting relevant event programmes to the right audience.

RevRank powers deep recommendations across Match 360°, Fully Branded Event App and custom recommendations campaigns.

Learn what RevRank can achieve for your event content and audience.

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