Manage & Track

The basis of any event technology starts with quality management tools. The latter should enable you to be efficient, allowing you to do more, in less time.

Most importantly, it should not require you to go through a bulky manual to start managing your events.

This is why Jublia spends a huge portion of our time to craft the most fluid backend management that is integrated across all our services.


Customer Relationship Management

Jublia's CRM is designed to simplify your workflow by giving you complete control on meetings management by allowing you to retreive and modify user information over user accounts.

It has proved to be an exceptional workhorse for managing VIPs and hosted buyers.

Data Management

Jublia builds essential tools for organisers to manage and access their data for their events in a secure manner. The management tools are easy and intuitive to manipulate your data with detailed compliance logs to track changes.

Completely manage your data pipeline with Jublia.


A multi-versatile mobile app for onsite tracking use-cases featuring a robust QR/barcode scanner. Scan prides itself in it's scanning accuracy, persistancy and quick response.

This is a mobile scanner that actually works.

The most popular use of Scan is for smart leads retrieval for exhibitors. It allows them to easily capture QR/barcode on attendee badges with their smartphones and view attendees imformation at real-time. The app also acts as a dictionary of their scanned leads, allowing them to easily and securely export the scanned leads of all associated scanners at any time.


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