Why 'Insights'?

Insights are the WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-HOW, derived from the data generated by your event.

At Jublia, we have been using data-driven insights to craft the best strategy alongside clients to maximise business matching performance by measuring and acting on their customers' intent.

As such, it is at Jublia's core to always deliver the best in class analytics tools that is integrated across all our services that relevantly measure the pulses in your event.


Robust Analytics

Intelligent event analytics that is informative, specific and most of all, applicable to your events.
Jublia's focus on analytics are on:


We analyse all data that streams in across our spectrum of platforms. We push the boundary in combining datasets, be it demographics, interactions or action based data to reveal Trends.


Jublia goes beyond providing reports of your event. Our analytics are designed in easily digestable format to reveal trends that will help you prime for your event.


Data are collected for you to learn and grow your events. We strictly maintain a 100% transparency on the data collected, be it good or bad data.


Zero-fuss feedback system for your delegates to provide their valued comments on the event, meetings, agenda and more. In return, help your customers truly quantify their ROI at your event with a personalised report on their activities that will help justify their attendence at your event.

Benefit your customers and your organisation with relevant data using Jublia.


Take specific measurements of how receptive of your customers is to your event and understand the obvious feedback to subtle nuances.

Specific measurement tools include Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) around all the feedback channels that are already built within Jublia.


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