Jublia is an established global leader in business matching and event data analytics.

Headquartered in Singapore, Jublia works with event organizers from every single continent of the world.

At Jublia, we believe in enabling people to discover useful content and meet relevant others through intelligent matching technologies. Simultaneously, we empower organisers with analytics to easily prove that their events are the undisputed channel for marketing spend by businesses in terms of ROI.

We are well positioned to deliver game changing solutions with our deep partnerships with leading event organisers in the digital transformation of their businesses. We build products to not only save costs for our clients. We strive to elevate the entire event experience of our clients' customers by fully transforming face to face meetings and answer tough questions relating to organisers' event data.

Events worldwide on Jublia platform since 2013
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Industries we are proficient in: energy, food, pharma, travel, defense, investment, technology and more
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6 Business Development + 8 Product Development + 6 Customer Success

Founded by

Chinab Chugh


Chinab leads the product engineering team at Jublia with several years of infrastructure and web development experience, scaling Jublia in a reliable way.

Tan Kuan Yan


Yan leads the synergy between the teams within Jublia, striving to make a positive impact on the digital transformation for events globally.

Errol Lim


Errol leads the business development team at Jublia, creating deep winning partnerships with clients by leveraging on actual data-driven insights.

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